19 janv. 2015

The day I started to paint

caroline vyzas, dessin au feutre tria sur papier, 1997
Dessin aux feutres sur papier bristol, 100x60.
1997, Caroline Vyzas

How it all began, when I was about 12 :

With that drawing,
 I received some kind of encouragement from my school art teacher.
He told me: " Here, you have maybe the beginning of your pictural langage, try to paint some more..."

When I meet the greek sculptor Takis

I was introduced by coincidence to him, when he exhibited around 1992-93 in Pully (Switzerland). My father had the opportunity to show him some of my paintings, and then Takis asked to meet me. He told me that he likes what I paint because it's different and unique. And that he would like to see how my style will develop as I grow up. So we agreed that we will meet a few times per year. Those appointments were the most important lessons I ever received.

Felt-tip pen TRIA by letraset on paper, 100x70cm.
1996, signed Caroline

Dedication of his book 

On the left : Takis teached me how to make a plaster impression. He made  my own hand to show me.

I was accompanied by my father and it was always strange because of Takis' mood. Sometimes he was joyful and really helpful with his advice, and sometimes he was not talkative at all...always a surprise.
But what I kept from those meetings is that he believed in me.

He also strongly recommended NOT to go to a Fine Arts school, when it was the time to make up my mind about where to study after school. He wanted my style to stay "untouched" by any theory or other advice apart from my own instinct.

It was sincere and noble, but how I am supposed now to prove to galleries and everyone else that I am a "real" artist and that I have a "talent"? Takis never delivered a "certificate" of being my private teacher.

Felt-tip pen on paper,
Signed Caroline, 1994

After a few years, our roads split and I lost contact with him.

Anyway, the fact is that I never went to any Art school. I was in the University of Lausanne to study something else that had nothing to do with my art...so it doesn't count for my artist CV.

Whatever happened in the past is important for me, because it made me who I am. I had the chance to have my pictures in two different galleries over the last years. Each time I received a warm appreciation from the visitors. I know it's kind of subjective, but if someone pays to buy one of your paintings you feel each time more confident with yourself. It sounds materialistic, but it's the only concrete fact that I always keep in my mind, when I have doubts. People trusted me so I cannot disappoint them... And I cannot live without a day of painting or drawing something. Painting is part of my life. 

"La solitude merveilleuse"
Pasels on paper, 42x36cm,
2013, signed Caroline Vyzas

Atelier, 2014.

A bientôt

Caroline V

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